Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mystery #75

Do you know what this is? Post your guesses in the comments.


Toby said...

Extreme close-up of a moth?

Pastor_Jeff said...

"Mosura ya! Mosura!
dongan kasakuyan indoo muu
rosuto uiraadoa, hanba hanbamuyan
randa banunradan tounjukanraa
kasaku yaanmu
Mosura ya! Mosura!
yasashisasae wasure
hito no kokoro inorinagara
utai, ai no uta"

Those two little island girls were cute. I would have picked a more ... imposing protector, but Mothra got the job done.

Jared said...

My first thought was "moth" my second thought was an animal skin blanket?

catpillar said...

A moth.

Maisyday said...

I agree, it has to be a moth.

Juliet said...

It's unanimous. It has to be a moth.

William Stewart said...

No doubt: moth.

Rick Lee said...

Ok, ok... it's a moth. A really, really big one. I started to just show a piece of wing to make the mystery more difficult, but it wasn't a very attractive photo like that.

Robert said...

I also immediately thought 'Moth'.

But how come we all thought that?
What is it about that picture which says 'I am a Moth' and how come we all picked up on it so fast.

kenju said...

Yes, MOTH!! (I read all the comments after I typed that, but before I clicked post!)

Page D. said...

Moth, of course... but what KIND of moth?
My guess is a Regal Moth.

Rick Lee said...

Ya got me Page. I don't know much about moths. It's a really big moth about 4 inches across.