Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Google Traffic

Now that my blog has been around for a while and there is a lot in the archives, I get a goodly amount of traffic coming in from Google searches. You might be surprised what searches bring people here.

Top ten Google searches bringing traffic to this blog....

Number 10... John Amos Power Plant
Number 9 ... Cheryl Ladd bondage
Number 8 ... Actor Richard Bright hit by bus
Number 7 ... Cala Lilies
Number 6 ... Shamrocks
Number 5 ... Goldfish
Number 4 ... Golden Arches
Number 3 ... Fried Bologna Sandwich
Number 2 ... We Are Marshall movie

[drum roll]
and the number one Google Search bringing traffic to this blog ....

Push Button, Receive Bacon


DyannS said...

You mean your original joke "Push Button Recieve Bacon" is being search out by others? How weird is that?

Rick Lee said...

Oh yeah. I updated that post with an explanation of the phenomenon as I see it. Check it out. I get at least 10 or so Google search hits evert day on the subject... from all over.

kenju said...


SippicanCottage said...

Push button receive bacon

In a just world, it would be true.

Barry Pike said...

Somebody needs to rescue Cheryl Ladd.

Jeffrey Hull said...

Do you have to have Google AdSense to get those statistics on the searches?

Rick Lee said...

If you put Sitemeter on your blog, you get these statistics. Very cool... and I'm just using the free version.

Buffy said...

I get a lot of science fiction kids googling vampire slayers. That and snakes. Eh. Go figure.