Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This other old house...

... is the house my maternal grandmother lived in.

Some of you remember this post about my other grandparents' house. This one is falling down too. We pass this house every year on the way to the cemetary where my grandmother is buried, and every year I wonder "will the house still be there"? It has looked like its ready to fall down for many years, but now look, somebody is working on it. Suckers. Put it out of its misery. It's ruining a beautiful lot.


David said...

"Put it out of its misery..."

Oh, I dunno... I've been a part of resurrecting one old house (our first home) and our current home is a work in progress (mostly undoing/redoing poor original finish work, electrical, plumbing). One of the best things about working to restore (or amend) an old house is the satisfaction of seeing something useful (but less useful or aesthetically pleasing than it could be) made better.

And then there's the financial aspect... my sweat equity, applied to what is for me a pleasureable pursuit, results in a nice lil appreciation in value, as well.

Yeh, beautiful lot, but the house has some charm as well.


Rick Lee said...

I agree with everything you said... I've posted here a few times about my support for historic preservation. It's just my opinion that this particular house is too far gone. If somebody actually brought it back to glory, I'd be happy to see it.

DWPittelli said...

From what I can tell from this photo, the house's structural elements are likely sound. That is, all of the edges that should be straight appear to be straight.

If that's true (and of course it may not be so when viewed from other sides), then it is likely worth a homeowner's while to salvage the house.

The other concern would be a rot or termite problem that is pretty far gone, yet somehow not yet showing up in sagging or tilting.