Sunday, May 22, 2005

P.Diddy Pundit?

Boy, since getting that gig with the New York Times, David Brooks really is branching out...

... like P.Diddy, or Paris Hilton. But seriously, I'd never heard of this fashion brand before. I can't find it on the web, because Google can't seem to return any hits on "David Brooks" except for the NYT pundit.

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Steve Ely said...

I searched on Google for "David Brooks"+shirt+brand. The results included a list of publicly traded clothing wholesalers, including Kellwood Company, the makers of David Brooks brand "sweaters, knitwear, and sportswear for misses and petites."

On the historical highlights page of the Kellwood Company's corporate profile, it says that David Brooks Ltd. Inc. was aquired in 1988 along with two other companies. So it's a brand that's been around for probably twenty years anyway.

You and I have probably never heard of it before because we've never worn misses or petites sweaters, knitwear, and sportwear.