Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My house would fit inside this room

You know you've got a big living room when you can tuck a full-sized Boesendorfer piano over in one corner.

"Oh look! It's a grand piano... I didn't notice that before".

This picture shows only half the room. My client makes the structural beams for these gorgeous timber frame homes. The house wasn't finished when we needed to shoot this, but the owners were nice enough to throw some furniture in there. There was a guy behind me staining woodwork while I shot this direction so that we could shoot the other direction later.

I'm glad we decided to build a fire. It looked dead with a dark fireplace.


Jeremy Lester said...

Nice work, I enjoy the site. I lived in Charleston for almost 2 years and seeing your photographs bring back some wonderful memories. Oh, and I also remember the creeking floors of Taylor Books.

Suzanne said...

The little cat near the sofa is a nice touch too! Charleston is beautiful,...a close second to Savannah if you ask me. I realize you ..uh...didn't ask me, but never the less. -grin-

Rick Lee said...

Yeah, just as I started to shoot this the cat wandered into the picture. The homeowner started to shoo the cat but I said, "let's see what she does"... I shot a whole series as the cat wandered around from place to place. I liked this one best. I once did a similar shot where the homeowner had two pug dogs. Perhaps I'll post that soon for comparison. People seem to enjoy these architecture shots.

Denny Flood said...

I used to work for a timber framer, and really admire the work. Your images are just beautiful, but you had some interesting framing to work with here. Can you say who did it?

Rick Lee said...

I missed the question in that last post before. I don't know if Benny will see this or not, but the timber frames were made by Sunset Structures and the construction by Agsten Construction. Both of Charleston, WV. Sunset owns a unique technology for drying timbers quickly. It's pretty amazing. Sorta like a giant microwave oven.