Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fair Fairlain

Returning home from Bridgeport I stopped in Flatwoods to get gas and something to eat. I saw a beautiful old Ford Fairlain pass by me on the way up to Wendys. When I got up the hill and turned into the Wendys lot, there was the Fairlain, parked over in the corner with the setting sun off to one side, bathing the hills and car in this incredible light.

My trusty Pentax Optio was on the seat next to me... I picked it up as I rolled down the passenger window. I rolled to a stop and shot this one shot. Wow, what a scene. I couldn't have staged it better. As I rolled around to the pickup window, I saw someone inside eyeing me with a "what the hell" look on his face. I just tried to act nonchalant and kept moving. (Update: I think it's actually spelled Ford Fairlane)


Tara said...

Hello, I found your blog pretty much by accident but now I'm checking it every day because I love your pictures. Usually they make me just stop and appreciate something, they are a great **pause**, and I like your comments also. I just wanted to say thanks.

Donutbuzz said...

By no means am I professional photographer, but I have been thinking of taking our digital camera with me for occasions like this. Maybe I will now. But I guess I'm gonna have to get used to the reaction you mentioned too!

Rick Lee said...

Thanks for the comments guys. It's great to hear from both of you. Donutbuzz... since you have a blog, you'll find it fun to shoot pictures and post them. I carried a camera for a long time but I never really used it till I had the blog as an outlet.

DonSurber said...

No Classic Car tag on it either :-)
I've seen Studebakers and the like still running as working cars in the state. The oldest was a 1949 green Ford pickup the guy kept until he died -- 52 years and still being used