Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I've been Instalanched

Glenn over at Instapundit linked to me twice over the weekend. I surely appreciate the links a lot. Now I know how Ann Althouse feels, except for the part about being a woman... and except for the part about being really, really smart. My sitemeter was spinning like a clock in a cartoon. I'm used to 5 or 6 visitors an hour... I was getting that many and more per second over the weekend totalling well over ten thousand visitors. Holy crap. Y'all come back now. This reminds me of my favorite Scrappleface article.

By the way, an "Instalanche" is an avalanche of traffic caused by a link from Instapundit. See the Scrappleface article linked above.


Greg said...

I think it's because I linked to you, and all five of my readers came over here more than once. That's my theory, anyway. By the way, I totally dig your blog now that I've found it. Cool, cool pictures.

Rick Lee said...

Greg... I'm sure that's it!