Monday, June 20, 2005

View from Sideling Hill

I wonder how many times this little church has been photographed?

You can see it with a looong telephoto lens from the Sideling Hill Exhibit Center in Maryland. If you've ever travelled I-68, you know where this is. You can't miss it. I've stopped there before on the way to and from the Eastern Panhandle of WV. I stopped again on Saturday returning from Baltimore only because the weather was extraordinary. Here's a view of the road cut:
The "Exhibit Center" explains the geology.


Melissa said...

Beautiful as always. I got a pic in super macro mode of some awesome yellow lantana (I think that's what it was). It isn't as good as yours but I posted it on my blog anyway

Rick Lee said...

I went to your site and had a look... very cool! Shoot more closeups. I didn't know what those yellow flowers were, but on that "challenge walk" I talked about, I shot this: Yellow flowers