Saturday, June 04, 2005


After shopping, food in faux-Egyptian surroundings is called for.

Mmmm... Cheesecake Factory.


Grumpy Old Man said...

What an eye!

And how much fun this post-modern Americana.

(I "borrowed" a photo for my blog -- with attribution). Fair use, the lawyer in me thinks, but I'll take it down if you want.)

Rick Lee said...

Your commentary is better than mine! Thanks for the link.

kenju said...

Rick, is that Cheesecake Factory in WV? We have one here, but I didn't know you had one there yet. I am impressed. I LOVE Egyptian surroundings, fake or real!

Lori said...

As soon as I saw the first picture, I knew it was a Cheesecake Factory! Boy do I miss those up here in Alaska!

Thanks for the memories...I can almost taste those Bang Bang Shrimp.

Rick Lee said...

Judy... nope, it's in Columbus, OH. I'm on my way back from Sandusky (roller coasters).

kenju said...

I knew it was too good to be true!