Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sky, cloud, land... part 2

This is another shot from the series I took two days ago while waiting at a rest stop on the West Virginia Turnpike. The clouds kept changing and I just kept shooting.


Blair said...

Ooooh how pretty, I will send off the cloud picture as soon as I can find thw time to upload it!

Sharon said...

Your talents never cease, truly. I love it.

NAOBunni said...

i happened onto this site from another site - just like cruising the web and all...and i'm like WOW i absolutely adore your pictures.

im always in awe at people that can see common things and picture them extraordinary.

i love anything that has to do with nature - you should go to kauai and take some pictures there - i can only imagine the amazing

Rick Lee said...

Thanks Bunni! Great to hear from you.