Thursday, June 02, 2005

Coaster City

Not the kind you put under your glass...
I spent the day at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Roller Coaster Mecca of the world.
Below is the King Of All Thrill Rides... Top Thrill Dragster... Zero to 120MPH in 3 seconds. Tall as a 40 story building.

Standing in line is a social event.

The Mellennium Force

Great weather... park not crowded.
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The answer is no. The scariest rides always have the longest lines.


Peanutt said...

Sweet pictures! Your awesome!!!

Joe T said...

Wow, things have changed since last time I was there (1989, I think). I might be too chicken to go on some of the newer, taller, faster rides. The Gemini and the Blue Streak would probably still be tolerable, though.

Rick Lee said...

If you ride coasters often enough, you get desensititized... just like eating Mexican hot sauce. You need a bigger jolt each time just to keep the thrill going. On most coasters, I could read a magazine. The new ones are really awe-inspiring. The Top Thrill Dragster uses the same type of launch system as is used to throw aircraft off a carrier. Each time I experience that acceleration from zero to 120mph, I think "this can't be happening". The train then goes up a 90 degree tower and over at 420 feet with no lift other than sheer inertia. I swear that going over the hill is a relief after that acceleration phase.

The Millennium Force, which is about 5 years old, is a conventional 300 foot steel coaster that goes about 90mph at the bottom of the first drop.

The Magnum XL200 is a few years older still... and still one of the greatest coasters in the world. But at Cedar Point, there are so many coasters, you can ride the Magnum with hardly any wait at all.

Mike Lee said...

From your Cuz...Looks like Michael and I need to plan a trip to Sandusky. Last year we went to King's Island and rode all of their roller coasters...not bad. I must say that skydiving is much tamer and peaceful even though your falling out of the sky at 120mph. The coasters seem almost violent at times, especially the old wooden ones.

Melonie said...

Rick, can you believe no person would ride the Top Thrill Dragster with me? Tell Sharon it is a perfectly sweet ride.