Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Inchworm

It was going along the deck. Adam noticed it first. I don't know if he's going to blog photos of it, but I hope he does. I shot some pictures of it on the deck and then on my nephew Matthew's hand and arm.


Susan said...

NO WAY you shot that with your point-and-shoot.

Rick Lee said...

Strictly speaking you're right. I didn't shoot it with MY point-and-shoot. I was trying to shoot it with my Fuji F30 and I was having trouble focusing. So I took the memory card out of it and borrowed Adam's older Fuji F10, which actually focuses a tad bit closer than the F30.

Susan said...

still, very impressive. And, apparently psychic skills DO run in my family (though also confirmed as an useless ability).

Pete said...

The Fuji F10 focuses a "tad bit closer?"

Goodness, I can count the sweat glands on your nephew's arm in that one picture.

I know it's not about the camera 'round here but sometimes it's about the camera.

Mushy said...

Grown ups used to tell us kids that if we let and inch worm measure us from head to toe that we would die.

I would let them move about 6 inches and brush them off!

Good shots.

Lee said...