Saturday, October 13, 2007

Running Fawn

I went mountain biking today. This is the normal sort of fauna I see on my rides. Today, friends told me they recently saw a bear in those woods. I'm not real comfortable with that.


Roberta said...

Now THIS I wouldn't mind getting a print of! How in the world did you get this shot from your bike??!!

Nicole P. said...

Oh that is cool. I love the blur!!

Rick, we have bears here too. Just a few weeks ago, one was in our back yard. I tried to get a photo, but my stupid camera takes a few seconds to actually turn on and by then, he was gone.
This was actually the 2nd one that we have seen on our property. And our neighbors have reported seeing them too.

Maisyday said...

Were you in Kanawha State forest? I have some friends who were there this weekend and saw a bear on the path that they were about to go on.

Beautiful shot!

Rick Lee said...

Not Kan State Forest... closer to my home in South Hills.