Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dawn on I-77

I've photographed this same spot on Interstate 77 several times. I'm not sure why... I like the curves in the 2 roads and it always seems like I'm going by this way when dawn is breaking.


Nicole P. said...

Were you moving when you took this? Cause I like how it is blurred a bit.

Hey Rick, not to change the subject, but I am going out in a week to two for a little road trip to try to get some good photos of the fall foliage. Any pointers for those types of photos? Remember, I am a dummy, and I only have a simple point and shoot.

Rick Lee said...

Hmmm. I'm finding it hard to think of tips regarding shootinng fall foliage. Point your camera at the real pretty stuff? That doesn't help. Fall foliage does look best in full sunlight usually. If you get sky in the shot, it needs to be blue. When shooting foliage in dull light, I try to not include the sky. [shrug] I hope this helps.

Nicole P. said...

LOL!!! The really pretty stuff, eh?? Yea that helps.

I was planning on choosing a bright sunny day for my trip, so your tips actually do help, or at least reinforce that I had the right idea.

Pete said...


One of Rick's most useful tips, and one I've never seen anywhere else, is when you see a sunset/sunrise worth photographing - and who among us hasn't? - take a look behind you and see what the light from that spectacular sunset/sunrise is illuminating. I've kept that in mind whenever I've seen a sunset/sunrise that's out of the ordinary and nearly without exception I've found an object illuminated by that light that would make a more interesting subject of a photo.

Rebecca Burch said...

I love this photo!