Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dinner at Ray's Boathouse

Nice view from the table. A couple of cruise ships went by in the sunset, but they were pretty far away.


Nicole P. said...

I love this one!!

There's a Blog in my Soup said...

Beautiful shot! But you failed to mention the most important thing: How was dinner?

Nicole P. said...

Rick, Remember I asked you about prices on prints a while ago?
I finally got in touch with the guy and he sent me his website. They are great!! Now I have to decide which ones I want.

You should sell some of you stuff. I would buy it, but yours would probably be more $$ wouldn't it??

Rick Lee said...

Dinner was great! Ray's Boathouse is a Seattle institution (so everybody tells me).

Nicole, I looked at Jeremy's website... good photos but I was expecting to see WV scenes! It appears that it's all out west.

Nicole P. said...

Yeah, he told me the day that I met him that most of his stuff was from out west.
That's ok though.
My goal is to get rid of all of the normal foo-foo fluff in my house and decorate it will real art, like photographs from where ever, and paintings, etc.
Just stuff that speaks to me, you know??

Richard said...

Nice. Reminds me of Nova Scotia.