Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring again.. for a moment.

We had a couple of days of Spring again... but now it's cold and wet again.


Jeff said...

I just discovered your blog thanks to Glenn Reynolds. My wife and I are loving your photography. It is causing me to daydream and be wistful.

Anyway, I own a Canon SD700, and you've inspired me to put it to better use. Untrained and ignorant as I am, I'm determined to become a good photographer somehow! Thanks!

Rick Lee said...

Hi Jeff... great to hear from you. Have you tried doing any close-ups? A lot of people don't realize that their camera can even do macro photography... there's a button on the back there with a little flower symbol on it. Also, don't just accept the photos as they come out of the camera. You need some good photo editing software such as Photoshop Elements that you can use to correct and alter the color and density.

Mushy said...

Thanks for stopping by the ol' Mushy's site.

Wow, some beautiful shots you have posted here. Are you on Flickr? I have some less quality stuff there, but have twice been asked to use my shots on advertising material. If you don't, that might be an outlet for you too.

I'll be back!

Bruce said...

Great photos!