Friday, April 20, 2007

The Lone Tree, Part 2


Desert Dust said...

Makes me want to reach for my lawn chair and a book. Beautiful shot.

Sandra said...

Hi Rick Lee!

Hey, check out Roger's blog at:

He has some awesome pics of Kokomo, Indiana that I would like for you to see! ; ) Thanks! Drop him a line! He would love it! He has always loved photography ever since I can remember! Thanks! ; )

--Countrygirl, from Texas

Dale said...

"I am no tree. I am an Ent!"

BTW, Rick, have you noticed an increased difficulty in loading other blogs over the past few weeks? Suddenly when I visit others' blogs it takes FOREVER for the imagery to load to the point where I have to hit Refresh over and over and over again. Very annoying.

Rick Lee said...

Dale... nope, I'm not experiencing any difficulty loading blogs. (shrug)

Sandra said...

Thank you! Very cool of you!! ; ) ; )