Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hardware Blogging

I had to go buy a machine bolt on Monday.


Jerry Pennington said...

This could be a companion to the produce blogging. It shows us what we're missing every day.

Pete said...

Wow! Terrific stuff, Rick.

I'll echo Jerry: after 80 entries of produce blogging, you show no signs of flagging. But this could be the start of a whole new series.

Rick Lee said...

Thanks guys. I actually did this once before... see here. I don't go to the hardware store very often, but I'll be sure to try this again next time.

Paul said...


I have just come across the website and it's a case of 'now for something completely different' - great blog!

Please feel free to link to your blog entries at

Barry Pike said...

Beautiful. Not as sexy as vegetables, but really well done.