Thursday, April 12, 2007

Produce Blogging #80

Because Thursday night is grocery night!

Man, those are some orderly pears. I didn't arrange 'em, honest.
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Grumpy Old Man said...

Vegetable erotica I'm used to.

But corn bondage?

Pete said...

Yes! Produce blogging!

Indeed, those are some orderly pears. But somehow they bring me a sense of. . . comfort.

Fantastic work, Rick. And thanks. My Friday can begin.

Matt S said...

Rick, how about offering those cool produce photos in a size that we could use for a computer desktop? Realize that it sounds like giving away the shop -- maybe put your name in a watermark?

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

My family's been in the produce business since 1868, so these made my day.

If you want to see what would have been produce blogging a century ago, check out the photos of Charles Jones (1866-1959), published as a book by Sexton & Johnson a few years back. ISBN 0-7651-0836-4.

Rick Lee said...

Matt... several times in the past I have suggested that people send me an email if they want a particular photo large enough to use for a desktop, but nobody ever takes me up on that.

Bart... thanks for the info! I was aware of the famous vegetable photos of Edward Weston, but thus far I had not heard of Charles Jones. I've done some Googling and I think I'll get one of those "Plant Kingdom" books.

Bill White said...

Rick - I'm new to your producr blogging. I'd never have imagined that an ear of corn could be so moving. How do you manage to see the extraordinary in such ordinary things?

Cheers -