Saturday, March 04, 2006

Charleston Spires... redux

The light was gorgeous late yesterday, so I stopped on the way home and shot a few more shots of this scene.


Jeffrey Hull said...

What a fascinating shot. The sun has "chosen a favorite." Ironically, it is the government building, from what I can see ... 8¬( But, along similar lines of thought, a little poem to go with the photo:


Old steeples float above the town
Where birds and clouds belong,
And watch the sun drift gently down
Each day at evensong.

The light selects a gleaming spire
From those that dot the sky;
The others, in more drab attire
Cannot attract its eye.

The chosen tower flaunts its glow
Before its lofty friends
Until the sunlight dips below
And sunset vigil ends.

© 2006 Jeffrey Hull

Rick Lee said...

Hehe... I wouldn't read too much into the solar favoritism. The church spires are clumped together in the foreground and the gilt capitol dome is about a half mile down the road so the likelihood is that there would be a difference in light. Thanks for the great poem. I encourage folks to take a look at your poetry blog.

kenju said...

Beautiful, Rick. Makes me homesick.

Bob Coffield said...

Great Shot Rick! I was driving up MacCorkle in the afternoon on my way home near UC and noticed the same similar light. I wished I had a camera -- I'm just glad you did. bob

Buffy said...