Friday, March 17, 2006

Blogger problems

I tried to post last night but Blogger wouldn't let me. There have been quite a few problems with Blogger lately. I read on Instapundit about somebody's blog just disappearing with no warning. Geez, that's scary. I don't know of any way to back these things up on the user end. I have all the photos but that's all.


oncee said...

I still can't post. Blogger reports it's having some hardware problems and they are in the process of replacing hardware.

Stanton said...

I saw that post on Instapundit, too. Since I lost the Charlestonian blog in a similar fashion last fall I decided that I'd better figure out a way to back up the Hot Dog Blog.

I found that a simple "Save As" on the monthly archive page will at save the content (sans comments) but restoring it to Blogspot would be tedious to say the least.

Rick Lee said...

Oh yeah, you could save the blog that way... duh... great idea. It would be great to have one file per month.