Wednesday, November 09, 2005


It appears that later today I'll get my 50,000th visit to the blog. I should give a prize to that person. We'll see if we can figure out who it is from the Sitemeter stats.


Joanna said...

Here's my stab at being #50,000!

Timothy Putnam said...

maybe, if I'm the 50,000 you would give me a print. Ya, I'd be up for that.

Timothy Putnam said...

:( I was 50,001

Here's your winner. / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma / 4:39:09 pm

sadness fills me to the top.

Rick Lee said...

According to Sitemeter, it was somebody from Maine, not OK City. OK City was 50,001. I saved the text of each session in a file for reference. It's a little confusing because Sitemeter will sometimes list clicks in the "Location" listing without actually assigning them as a new "Visit". [shrug] Here's the info on visits 50000 through 50003.