Friday, November 18, 2005

John Amos Morning Mist

This is the John Amos Plant. It's a large coal-fired electric power plant that I pass by when I go to Huntington. I often see the early morning sun reflecting on those man-made clouds. I've often thought I'd stop sometime and shoot this scene, but it's a high-traffic area on the freeway and it would be dangerous to stop on the side of the road here. I shot it this morning by rolling down the window and holding my pocket camera up and just firing off a few frames as I drove by.


Michael said...

Not a bad pocket camera, Rick.

kenju said...

How did you get it so focused if you were speeding by?

Rick Lee said...

Focused? It's auto-focus. There is no motion blur because it's so far away. It's not really, really sharp (if you blow up the original and look at it at full resolution) but it's sharp enough for web-display.