Friday, November 18, 2005

Ball-Chain Spool

The place where I was working today had a spool of ball-chain. I thought it was mesmerizing so I got a few shots. Later, I wondered why they had a spool of ball-chain. I have no idea.


kenju said...

I need a spool of ball-chain for he inside of my toilets. The chain breaks all too often due to our acidic water.

DaveG said...

In my experience, chain like this is dangled decoratively in places you would find it convenient to have a pen. I've seen it brightening the atmosphere of places like the bulk food aisle of the local groceries, teller windows at banks, and at department store checkout lanes. While festive and cheerful, I've never understood what these decorations are in celebration of, as they seem to be in place year round. They do help to alleviate the frustrations you encounter as you search your pockets for a pen, though, so I'm happy they're there.

bulldog said...

Just an's for assembling the "ring" of sample packets sent to clients.