Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tiny Tots

I see a lot of babies in the course of my work...

...but most of them are sick. This one I saw today is a preemie, but not nearly as small as some. The wide-angle lens makes it appear larger. For a while I saw so many preemie babies that I started thinking that this is what babies looked like. It seems so reasonable for the tiny little babies to come out of someone's body. Then I would see a friend's normal newborn, and whoooaaa! Giant freak baby!


Noumenon said...

"whoooaaa! Giant freak baby!"

heh heh... I hear this in a female comedian's voice, but it would also be funny from Phil Hartman, or anyone, really.

Rick Lee said...

I tried imagining Phil Hartman saying that... it works! It's more funny that way. But of course, what wouldn't sound funnier with Phil Hartman saying it?
Phil:"This blog does not allow anonymous comments"