Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hello Kitty!

If you were expecting baseball photos today, sorry. I wasn't able to go to the WV Power home opener because of a funeral I needed to attend. I didn't take any photos today that I feel like sharing so I pulled an old one out of the files. It's got a cute little girl and a kitty cat! What could be better than that?

UPDATE: Some people have told me they assumed this was a studio shot. This is an example of classic "door light". I was on location at a suburban home, shooting this family working in the yard for a bank ad. The little girl picked up the cat and was walking around and I sensed a photo opportunity. I told the girl to step just inside the garage, so that the sun was not shining on her, but diffuse light from the great outdoors was washing in from the right (her left). This is equivalent to the "north light" studios of old, where there was a giant glass window facing north (so that the sun would never shine in).

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