Thursday, April 07, 2005

Grocery blogging... nahh.

Thursday is my grocery night. I was thinking of photo-blogging my trip to the store, but all of my ideas were trite. How many pictures of produce does the world need?

All the best photo ops involved children sitting in carts. I figured I'd get arrested if I started shooting pictures of little kids in the store.


Jason Coyne (gaijin42) said...

When I got my first SLR, I ran all over town taking pictures of everything. I took some ofsome kids on a swingset. A bit later, a cop pulled over as I was walking down the sidewalk, and asked me a bunch of questions. Apparently the kids got worried, went home, and the parents called the cops. Its sad that we live in a world where children are scared of every guy who walks by.

Peppers are a well established topic in photography, you can't go wrong following in the footsteps of the masters!

erp said...

Totally right. We are deprived of the pleasure of seeing pictures of kids having fun with vegetables because of a few perverts that are left to roam the earth at will. Of course, you were right to protect yourself from even the hint of impropriety.

Anyway your pictures are fab.