Friday, May 11, 2007

Rhododendrons in my yard

The rhododendron in my yard is not doing well this year at all. There are much fewer blooms on it. We had such a cold spring, lots of flowering plants were hard hit. I got a few nice shots from it though.


Roberta said...

These look like they survived quite well! My crabapple is just sitting in the yard, looking brownish red. It got hit hard with the freeze.

How did you get these into the studio?

Rick Lee said...

Thanks Roberta... the blooms that are coming out look good, it's just that there are about one third as many as last year. These are shot in the yard by early morning light.

Roberta said...

Amazing shots. You caught them perfectly.

My dad was a professional photographer for 50 years. I've come to appreciate what it takes to capture the light.