Tuesday, May 08, 2007

From the Air

I went for a plane ride to various parts of the state to shoot some aerials for a client. The weather was unbelievable. We were seeing power plants over one hundred miles away. Below is some typical West Virginia scenery, as seen from the air. Very typical.

Here's some atypical West Virginia scenery... in that it has, err, some actual development on it. This is the Stonewall Jackson Lake and Golf Resort.

Here's the plane we took. Just kidding. This is a privately owned Folland Gnat we saw at the airport. Looks like fun!


kenju said...

I'm homesick again! That top pic is great.

DaveG said...

Here's the plane we took.

You really had me going on that one!

FWIW, weather-permitting I'll be spending a few days in Pakersburg this weekend at a formation flying clinic. Should be 60+ RVs on the field. I don't know har far you are form there, but should be a serious photo-op.

Rick Lee said...

Dave... I'll call you about that.

DaveG said...

Rick -

It was a blast! Here's a write-up, including a few pictures:


DaveG said...

Hmm, long links don't work will in comments: