Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I had an interesting discussion today with some engineers who design cell tower sites.


SEAWITCH said...

I hoped the discussion included ways of improving downtime after hurricanes! After Katrina, the cell phones on the Mississippi Gulf Coast did not work because of downed towers and lack of power.It took a week and a half before some cell phones would work. Only one worked at all during the immediate aftermath: CellularSouth.

It took the company I use(starts with a V) almost 3 weeks before service didn't cut out every other day.

Barry Pike said...

Beautiful shot. Looks like a sci-fi landscape.

kenju said...

What was the consensus? We have one here that looks like a tall pine tree and you can hardly tell the difference.

Rick, come to my blog and see the last of the 4 photos I posted today. It is a bit of Charleston nostalgia.