Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mortar Man

This little man was created by someone and put way up in the cornice of an old Victorian building at 110 Capitol Street when it was being restored several years ago. I photographed it years ago but I have no idea what happened to that picture. I was working in this building today so I shot another one. "Anathema Device" photographed it recently also I see.


kenju said...

He's really cute. I took a photo of a small gargoyle in Zurich this fall that reminds me of this one.

Anonymous said...

I love things like this and always wonder at the story behind them. Thank you for sharing the photograph of him.

kiki said...

Hi Rick! Mortar Man lives! We're a small-but-mighty band of "Mortar Man"/Charleston WV/creativity supporters who are dedicating Facebook/Twitter/Blog space not just to
"Mortar Man" - but also to the joy of hidden manmade treasures in our world and those who placed those treasures in our paths.

We were doing research on this little figure & stumbled across your blog post. Hope you'll "friend" us on FB & TW - and join the "Mortar Man" movement! BTW - your photo of him is far superior to our grainy profile pic. :-)

Find us on FB at:

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daquilajmd said...

I saw his grainy pic on FB and said to a friend a few moments ago, "it looks like a hideous baby crawling outta somewhere." LOL! Seeing this pic more clearly and can tell it's a little man. Very cool!

Rick Lee said...

Hi Kiki... you can use my photo if you like. I'll put it on the wall.