Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stay Tuned for San Fran

I'm not posting anything tonight because I'm wildly busy. But stay tuned because I'll be in San Francisco the next few days so I should have some interesting stuff!


bulldogcreative said...

What could have kept you so busy as to not be able to post?!

Anonymous said...

So is this your gentle way of telling me there'll be no Thursday grocery night, and, thus, no produce blogging, this week?


I'm glad you're busy, Rick. A person of your talent, skill, and work ethic, that's not surprising.

I'll just have to muddle through some how.

Sharon said...

you're in San Francisco??? (sighs) I am jealous. Really.

I will be looking forward to the pictures that follow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment Rick! But if you would like to take some of our snow you are welcome to it. 72 total inches in 5 weeks, and more predicted for this weekend. At least it will be green here in spring.