Saturday, April 22, 2006

More from "We Are... Marshall"

More shots from the set of "We Are... Marshall", the upcoming Warner Bros. film.

Above, McConaughey and Strathairn joke around between takes. This is a rare view of McConaughey slipping out of character. He was staying in character most of the time and he physically looked different as you can see in the second photo. Below McG is giving direction.

Above, Governer Manchin showed up and watched the video assist for a while. Below, crowds of onlookers were always present on the Marshall campus.

See my main page here. More shots from the film in the previous post.


Jason B. Keeling said...

'We Are Marshall' Shoot Builds Excitement

Renewed focus on the tragic plane crash that shocked the Huntington and Tri-State areas in the early 70's may likely spur future development within the twenty-first century.

It appears that the December 2006 release of "We Are Marshall" will frame West Virginia in a very positive manner, highlighting the strength of its people, and curbing stereotypical views of the state.

This film will honor the Marshall University football players and staff that perished, and at the same time invigorate a sense of pride. It will acknowledge West Virginian's as real people and not fictitious hillbillies. Remember that the limitations we sometimes perceive about the state are not as real as they appear. I hope that this real story will remind us of how strong we can be, and help us to move forth accordingly.

Thank you Mr. Lee for providing a glimpse of the filming process, it certainly adds to the excitement.

Reese said...

My name is Reese Sadler. I am from St. Albans,wv. I was fortunate enough to be in two scenes for the movie. I was wandering if you had any pictures from the funeral scene. I was in the front beside Ian McShane. I could not believe I was fortunate enough to be in the middle of the shot. It was not difficult to act with the casket right in front of you. With the rain drizzling and the preacher's words it was haunting. I am trying to locate some pictures from that scene. Goodness knows enough photos were bieng taken. Thanks. I am the red head with the hat, gloves, and black coat in the front in the middle. Thanks for your help. By the way I have visited your site in your pictures make me proud to be form this state.

Rick Lee said...

Hi Reese... I was only there for that one day. I didn't shoot the funeral scene.