Friday, April 07, 2006

CAB4 Happened

The lunch-time CAB4 (4th monthly Charleston Area Bloggers) happened at my studio today. I'm not sure if everybody had a good time, but I did. I was giving tours most of the time and talking photography so I didn't get a chance to talk blogging much. It was great to meet Rudy Panucci of The Gazz/Popcult. This was his first CAB meeting I think.

Dale Morton (above) started a blog during the CAB4 meeting. I just checked and there's still no posts, so I won't link to it here. I'll be sure to post a link when he gets started. Dale's business is pretty cool so I'm sure he'll have some interesting things to show and tell.

The following people were in attendance:

Rick Lee (On Location with Rick Lee)
Robin S (One Stack Mind)
Bob Coffield (Health Care Law Blog)
Rudy Panucci (PopCult)
Shane Evans (Through the Lens)
Dale Morton (Costume Blog) link will come later when he gets it going
Scott Mitchell (Entropy)

Thanks to Scott for the names.

Betty Gay also stopped by. She wasn't there for the meeting, but it was great to have her there anyway.


Dale Morton said...

Rick, my blog now has its first posts. It's Thanks again to you and Bob for setting it up for me! Hope everyone likes it.

Gopher said...

Rick looks like a fun time was had by all. I just wished sometimes there were maybe some more bloggers around my area, maybe there are and I just ain't found 'em yet.. Well I do kinda live in the middle of nowhere, although it's getting a little bit of attention on national news due to in typical fashion something not very nice - Avian Flu.

Dale Morton said...

Wow, nice shot of Betty. She has quite a set of piercing eyes!

Rick Lee said...

Betty worked at Taylor Books making coffee for a long time and I always like to see her face in the morning. I think she has the friendliest face I've ever seen. Her eyes are huge.

Rick Lee said...

Gopher... I clicked on "Fife, Scotland" on your profile and a whole bunch of folks showed up. Perhaps you could start emailing and try to get a group together.

William Stewart said...

Sorry I missed it!