Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blogger problem

Sorry for the light blogging. I was going to try and make up for this this morning by posting several items, but there is a problem uploading pictures to blogger today. I'll be back.


oncee said...

Sadly I found this out this morning while I was trying to illustrate one of my posts. I can see how this could really throw a monkey wrench into the works for a photo blogger.

Sometimes with free services we really do get what we pay for.

Rick Lee said...

I was paying to host my photos on my own domain at first and if I got a big spike in my traffic it was problem. Nowadays I don't have to worry about that and I must say that Blogger seems to have gotten a lot better in the Google-ownership era. I have had very few problems so I'm not complaining.

DaveG said...

My only fear: someday, when we all have tons of blogged material we simply couldn't bear to lose, Blogger won't be free anymore.

It just amazes me what Google gives away for free: Google Earth, Hello, Picassa, Blogger, etc. Fantastic!

OT: rolls in the RV are no big deal, and in fact are quite easy and benign. Tonight I expanded my portfolio, though, and did my first 5 loops. Fun!

Kim said...

I had trouble one night, late at night. Better by the next am, though!