Saturday, June 14, 2008

"A Better WV" Blogger Meet-Up

Jason Keeling (that's him in the green shirt) of managed to get a bunch of bloggers together on a Saturday afternoon to discuss blogging in WV. It's late and I don't have time to put captions on these shots, but Oncee did it for me.

UPDATE: Thanks for the link Instapundit!


Richard said...

Hey Rick, Instaman gave you a link. Lucky dog, you.

Rick Lee said...

Thanks Richard... yes, I'm lucky. Whenever I get a link like that I'm reminded of my favorite Scrappleface article which contained this definition: ‘Instalanche’, which missed a top 10 ranking despite a vigorous lobbying effort, is “a brief but powerful spike in blog traffic, generated by a link from, which creates in the affected blogger a fleeting sense of euphoria and heightened self-esteem, followed by weeks of doubt and progressive self-loathing.

Tracy A. Toler said...

how about an invite for me and my vec3 team next time. Our programmers are big tweets.(whatever that is)

Renae said...

This is an immensely random comment, but I was hanging out in Capital Roaster's when you guys were having your blog meet-up. I actually listened to some of what everyone was saying - I heard "blogging" and "West Virginia" which was what caught my attention - and actually tried to determine if you were an environmentalist group. Then, I realized you were bloggers meeting up. Which is pretty awesome as I didn't think West Virginia had meet-ups. I pondered on the thought of actually coming and asking if anyone minded me listening in to your ideas. However, I had quite the time restraint and decided to chicken out.

I did, however, take note of what I heard and ventured to I haven't had time to really read all of it thoroughly, but from what I've read via skimming through it's a pretty nice site with a lot to say. I do plan to check it out more.

So, sorry for the the random comment and quite possibly being that creepy girl that was obviously listening to your gathering, haha. :)

- Renae

jeff said...

Don't worry Renae, we knew you were listening and tried to talk a lot smarter than we normally do. :)

You're welcome to join in anytime.

Rick Lee said...

Yeah Renae... we were talking about YOU in code. Feel free to say "hi" anytime.