Thursday, January 17, 2008

Produce Blogging #112

Because Thursday night is grocery night!


Carletta said...

Often with art people always seem to ask the question of what do you see in this picture. My gut reaction to the first pic was "a little bitty tear let me down" and then I scrolled to the next two pics and tears must have been streaming and then back to that one little tear and ah,heck let's go have a banana.
Sorry Rick. Guess it is way too late and I'm a little bit hyper but thank you for your part in my music memory moment!

Pete said...

Yay! Produce blogging! Where would my Friday be without it?

I was a little unsure about the texture in the first picture but the greens and blues of the next two soothed my retina into a false sense of security.

Nice jolt out of it with warm colors of the fourth.

Finally, the bananas and the sticker (Um, would someone please press the edge of that sticker back down? Thanks!)are a bold statement about how the corporate world puts its stamp on nature and the third world countries that provide us our bananas and -

OK, maybe it's just a nice picture of bananas.

Great work, Rick.

Jerry Pennington said...

I like how well the depth of field comes into play in the first shot, and the concentric curves I think is what makes the banana shot work.

The Produce Picker said...

Great pics as always. I always have fun trying to guess what exactly the produce item is as fast as I can...Rainbow Chard! .3 record:)

Ray a.k.a. The Produce Picker