Thursday, January 10, 2008

Produce Blogging #111

Because Thursday night is grocery night!


Pete said...

Yes! Produce blogging! Day made!

The pistachios are something new and unexpected. They look like they're trying to bite their way out of their purple netting. And that pear really oughtta have a doctor look at what appears to be a case of serious stem thickening.

Really amazing stuff, Rick. But then that seems to be the norm 'round here.

The Produce Picker said...

Hey Rick I'm really enjoying the produce blogging pics. I just recently found your site as a result of google alerts and these are some serioulsy great pictures.
I work as a produce clerk by day and in my off time I produce a video podcast (Produce Picker Podcast) that features produce.
I'm always looking for great sources of pictures and anything more than a plug might be out of my price range in my pre-ad supported days but I may end up linking to some of your great photos.
It looks like you have an eye for produce that is also at its best. I mean you have to know that the produce you are taking a picture of is top quality in order to get the best pic.
All around great shots. I look forward to more close ups of chard, melons, and herbs!

Ray a.k.a. The Produce Picker

Rick Lee said...

Hi Ray... great to hear from you. I always allow people to use an occasional photo if they link back. Thanks for asking. You're in San Francisco? I have a bunch of SF photos on the blog, you should be able to find them by searching.

Cathy said...

Found you through "daisy leaves" Google image...and have stayed an inordinately long time viewing your beautiful work.
I think the pear looks like it's taking a long drag off a cigar. Either that or a bad job with the belly button tie-off by the OB. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Rick Lee said...

"belly button tie-off"
Ha! Nice you see you around Cathy.