Sunday, September 30, 2007

It really does rain in Seattle

I'm here in Seattle for a few days and it rained cats and dogs all day today. We tried to do some indoor stuff. The Seattle Art Museum doesn't allow photography except for this silly lobby with cars hanging from the ceiling.

Had a walk through Pike Place Market.

Here's the Starbucks store number one:

I couldn't photograph the art in the museum, so here's a glass sculpture in the hotel.


Anonymous said...

I love your photographs! They are spectacular to say the least.


Nicole P. said...

Bummer about the art gallery not letting you photograph!!!

Hopefully it will stop raining so that you can get some nice photos of the Puget Sound!!! It's is beautiful there.

Heidi said...

Isn't the market a blast?

Enjoy Seattle!

Crystal said...

It does rain here in WA, but not all the time, you just came here at the start of the rainy season is all. Most of the summer was horribly dry (yes, I'm a Washingtonian by choice.)

Great pictures as always! Glad you like Pike Place, it's one of my favorite spots in Seattle. Any chance you'll be seeing other parts of WA? There are so many rivers here and farmland, you can get some awesome country pictures too, and don't forget the water. I reccomend a ferry ride out to one of the islands for some awesome pictures.