Wednesday, September 26, 2007

High Voltage

I don't often post photos here that I do for "work". I thought you might like to see this one. Don't ask me what these things are. I forgot to ask. The company makes high voltage test equipment. By the way, the dandelion photo was taken in front of this building. Is this a theme perhaps?


Jerry Pennington said...

That's really cool looking. At first glimpse, I didn't see the guy standing there and thought they were some type of decorative balls you'd see at Pier 1 or somewhere.

Will said...

World's largest disco balls?

Dale said...

Well, my gosh, it's obviously a tribute to "Star Wars", since we have the original Death Star in the background and the incomplete Death Star II from "Return of the Jedi" in the foreground! :-) May the Force Be With You!