Monday, September 17, 2007

Turtles on the Trail

Went mountain biking yesterday. The turtles are on the move. For some reason this time of year they like to get on the trail and sit right in the middle of it. It's dangerous... for them and me. These are two different turtles.


Nicole P. said...

Those are nice photos!
Mountain biking eh? How very athletic and healthy of you. Sounds about opposite of anything that I would do....I am the anti-athlete!
Do you stop and move the turtles from the trail?

rkd72 said...

Nice pictures.
I grew some tomato plants this summer. For most of the season, I've been getting strange holes in some of the lower lying plants. I thought it was some type of bug or worm.
The other night I was out late and saw a critter that highly resembled the second of your picturs having a midnight snack.
Attractive creatures, I never knew they were fond of tomatoes though.

Will said...

Looks like maybe they're basking -- they probably get warmer on the trail.

Scarlet said...

i'll tell bea to call her cousin and tell him to get off the road! Turtles love anything LEAFY. YUM

Rick Lee said...

Turtles do like the 'maters... check this out. Click here

Rebecca Clayton said...

What a great face!

艾迪 said...

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