Monday, September 10, 2007

The face on the monolith


Nicole P. said...

I am really enjoying your Chicago photos Rick. I almost makes me what to visit....almost, but not quite. Big cities make me nervous....I like the country.
Looking at the photos is enough for me.

Rick Lee said...

It's true that big cities can be difficult. They are expensive and can be nerve wracking to visit. But they do keep some fascinating stuff in the cities. The world's greatest artworks, Broadway shows, etc. People who have a hard time navigating the cities often enjoy going on an organized tour.

Nicole P. said...

Well, you are right...alot of the good stuff is kept in the cities. Last month we went to DC to visit some of the Smithsonian Museums and the National Zoo. They were nice, it was just getting to them and going home that was the issue. I understand why people like cities...but I enjoy peace more than I enjoy luxuries...does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Cool stuff you got. Nice take, how did you do that?
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Many thanks