Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sunset over Bob Evans

It just occurred to me after naming this post that Bob Evans (the guy, not the restaurant) passed away a few days ago.


Empireofrain said...

Well, this photo is ok. I dont see how you get these strange (but cool looking) skies in your backgrounds...i can only assume one of two things:
*Awsome camera creates awsome backgrounds
OR i can just wait for a resonable explanation :)

To be honest, other than the sky, this isnt that much of a photo. Too many people take a picture of the American Flag. Your angle isnt too different, and the flag isnt even extended all the way.

I do understand you dont post your pictures to be judged, and you probaly just post them because you like them, not because they deserve to be in some art show. I understand that, but i also like to vent...haha on your pics.

Rick Lee said...

"I dont see how you get these strange (but cool looking) skies"... uhhh.. it's a sunset. Have you ever seen the sky turn blue and pink in a sunset?

"To be honest, other than the sky, this isnt that much of a photo." That's right... and if it wasn't for the sky, I wouldn't have taken it. :-}

jedijawa said...

Hi Rick. You and I caught some photos of the same sky and it took some fiddling with my camera settings to get anything approximating the depth of color in that sky. I was just leaving work and looked up and had to take a picture of it.

Thanks for your comment. I posted a reply if you care to take a look. - jj

Beth G. said...

Well...I was going to leave a comment only about Bob Evans, but want to note that your photos (and other works of art) ARE awesome. That said...Mike met Bob Evans a few years ago while working for WSAZ. They walked around the farm, and he invited him to come back and visit, and he meant it. He was just that sit-down-and-sit-a-spell kind of guy. So even though his namesake restaurants are a chain, it's nice to know the homey atmosphere had genuine origins.