Thursday, November 02, 2006

PhotoPlus Expo 2006

Part of the reason I love to come to New York in November... a really big trade show at the Javits Center for commercial photographers like me.


Anonymous said...

The trade show looks like fun! Funny, though, but the FujiFILM sign seems, in this digital age, quaint.

Maisyday said...

Let me weren't supposed to be taking pictures? :)

Rick Lee said...

Yeah... it's weird. Nobody but nobody calls Fuji cameras "Fujifilm" cameras, but that is actually the brand name on the new digital cameras. The correct name of the camera/film company is "Fujifilm".

Maisyday... it was kinda funny... in the entrance to the trade show, there was a sign saying that there was no photography allowed without the prior consent of the exhibitors... but it was a photography conference so there were people taking pictures constantly everywhere. Nobody seemed to be concerned.

Buffy said...

Came thisclose to attending the same event. But it was just too short notice.

More pics please.