Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More from Bryant Park

Bryant Park and the New York Public Library are right across from my hotel. There's lots to see there.

I've had to create a workaround to get images up on Blogger. I can't upload to Blogger in the normal way so I'm uploading to my own domain and linking.


Todd said...

The library is one of my favorite (usually off the radar screen of tourists) spots - I'll be there next week!

Jerry Pennington said...

Lovin' the NY shots. Keep them coming.

That's weird about Blogger, because I've been posting photos with no problems. Is it a location thing?

Anonymous said...


I posted a picture to my blog last night (Wednesday) and didn't have any trouble either. Hope the problem clears up for you.

I'm lovin' this series but I guess that means there'll be no produce blogging. Dang.

Rick Lee said...

It COULD be a problem with the not-real-fast internet connection here in the hotel, but I think it's more than just that.