Saturday, February 18, 2006

Old Bowling Alley

Thank goodness this bowling alley couldn't afford to remodel when this old AMF stuff went out of style.


micki said...

Very nice shot, love to see some of the "old" stuff still around. That style is THAT far out, is it; or am I showing my age here?

Like your site and your profile. Cool indeed that you love your work and those you work with.

Scott Mitchell said...

You show us this, but leave out the shoes? Surely you took some pictures of bowling shoes while there. :)

Interesting shot.

Scott Mitchell said...

Micki, it is "that" far out.. its just that its back in style now. Retro is the new black I think?

Rick Lee said...

No... I don't think I did photograph any shoes. Hmmm.