Monday, February 20, 2006

New Fuji pocket camera pushes 3200 ISO!

People are always asking me about the camera I use for these blog photos. I have discussed my pocket camera and my professional cameras here. FYI... Fuji just announced a new pocket camera that I'll probably be getting soon.

"After almost a decade of obsession with pixel counts, Fujifilm is proud to announce the launch of the FinePix F30 Zoom, a camera which confirms a new stage in the evolution of digital camera technology. Breaking away from the tired and irrelevant practice of pixel counting, the FinePix F30 Zoom is the world’s first digital compact camera to deliver ISO 3200 sensitivity at full resolution. Fujifilm has identified sensitivity as one of the major photographic benchmarks for the digital age, and this camera makes it possible to capture images of unrivalled quality, even in very dark conditions."

I wish the camera industry would publish some sort of benchmark for noise at higher ISO settings. It's truly irrelevent how many megapixels a camera has if those megapixels are full of noise (looks grainy). Fuji is leading the way in low-noise pocket cameras and this is a very good thing, but without some sort of benchmark for comparison, I don't know how we can push this discussion into the mainstream.


manababies said...

Noise was definitely a huge problem with my Canon G3 in low light situations. But wow, a pocket camera that has that capability! If/when you get it, I can't wait to see the results.

Rick Lee said...

The F10 I'm using now has a quite usable 1600 setting. I'm assuming that this new one will be even lower noise. I'm really anxious to see it.