Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Meyersdale Wind Farm

I found myself working in Meyersdale, PA today. They have a large wind farm there up on the ridge. We couldn't see it for the fog so at the end of the day we ran up on top of the hill to get a better look. Even up close you could barely see two windmills. I think there are something like 20 towers. By the way, these suckers are big.


Heather said...

We have a lot of wind farms in this part of Texas. You're right; those suckers are enormous.

Barry Pike said...

I want one.

Fred Friar said...

Drive to Thomas Rick and see West Virginia's own, BTW thanks for all your photos.

Tom Gray said...

They are big. Each one is roughly the size of a 747 and provides enough electricity for the equivalent of 250-300 homes.

Great photo.

Thomas O. Gray
American Wind Energy Association