Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Old Tampa Bay Hotel

I went over to the University of Tampa to see the remains of the old Tampa Bay Hotel. A formerly grand hotel from the Victorian age. The weather was not good for architectural photography today. There was just a tiny window of blue sky when I shot the first photo above. I might go back for more later when I can get more dramatic lighting.


kenju said...

It looks like it is a beautiful place. Hope you get it in better light.

I am going to Chas. Thursday for a few days. and planned to drop by your studio to say hi. Will you be there Fri?

Dale said...

HOLY TAMOLIES, that place is COOL!!! When can I move my studio to that building????

Rick Lee said...

Not this Friday. I won't be home until Sunday. Of course, I'm usually out on location anyway... so you'd have to make plans to make sure I'm there on any day.

Dale... I guess you could enroll at the Univ of Tampa!

kenju said...

Oh, too bad.