Sunday, June 04, 2006

After the Storm #2 - On Fort Hill

We've had quite a few big thunderstorms and some really pretty skies afterward. I was out in the car when the sunset sky got really pretty. I drove up on Fort Hill in Charleston to get a better look.


Bob Coffield said...

Rick, did you make it down to Symphony Sunday this evening? The view of the sunset from behind UC was as gorgeous as I have ever seen it in Charleston. My son and I had come around from the down river end of UC on our way home on our bikes after having been down at UC most of the day and then stopped by the stage end as the orchestra played. The orchestra had this incredible view of the sunset as they played. No need to be inspired by the maestro when they could just look at the sunset. Most of the audience didn't know to look behind -- I don't know if the maestro pointed it out or not. Had I been up there I would have asked everyone to take a moment, turn around and have a minute of silence just looking at the beauty of nature after the storm.

Jerry Pennington said...

Very nice. Especially like the second photo.

Rick Lee said...

I haven't done Symphony Sunday in quite a while. (It always seems to rain doesn't it?) The temperature sure was nice for it yesterday.

Clayton said...

It never fails- your work is always inspiring!
My favorite wuote:
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

:: Proust ::

You seem to live that.
Well done!

Clayton said...

Uhh- that'd be "QUOTE"

Stacey said...

Im with Jerry... that second shot is excellent.

Rick Lee said...

That's a great quote Clayton. I'm noting that for future reference.